What to do if it is incomplete stage led screen delivery?
Shenzhen Haojingyuan Optoelectronic Co.,Ltd guarantees stage led screen delivered with all accessories and instruction manual packed in one package. Before we deliver the product, we will have personnel responsible for the checking of product completeness, including the appearance inspection, quantity counting, weight measuring. The process is complete and controlled. However, as we process a huge number of orders each day, there will be chances for mistakes. Once it occurs, please contact us directly. We will apologize for our mistakes and ship a complete product to you quickly.
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After years of serving as a major manufacturer of small pixel pitch led display in the domestic market, Shenzhen HJYLEDDISPLAY Co., Ltd has gained market recognition for the manufacturing ability. The Fixed led display is one of the main products of HJYLEDDISPLAY. Every Haojingyuan display led has undergone and passed stringent quality control tests. These quality control tests start with the knitting of the base fabric, followed by the inspection of every other element before the product is passed and cleared for delivery. The product is distinguished by wide viewing angles that reaches 120-140 degree. We have the professional QC team to secure the quality of Taxi led display. It can reduce electricity consumption at the maximum extent and save operation costs.

It is thought that Haojingyuan will developed into a global number one indoor led poster display brand. Inquire!

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