the future of clothing: web-enabled t-shirt with led screen

by:Haojingyuan     2019-10-26
Imagine if T
The shirt you wear is connected to the Internet.
It can display your status update on the LED screen, take photos, and throw it into the washing machine when it is dirty.
This is the goal of whisky maker Ballantine --
Technology clothing brand CuteCircuit.
The tshirtOS prototype of the two companies is made of 100% cotton, 1024
Pixel LED screens, headphone jacks, and small digital cameras, but it wants to introduce more features and push it to the mainstream to keep it low cost.
Read more: the wallpaper contains WiFi network in the room to prevent data leakage.
Watch the video above.
Currently, the number of views is over 510,000, monitored by Ballantine and CuteCircuit to measure consumer interest.
Though here are more interesting promotional videos.
The two nerds took tshirtOS for a ride on the eve of their strong pitch to executives, but of course, on the night they were out, everything went wrong.
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