samsung unveils ‘world’s largest’ onyx cinema led screen in india

by:Haojingyuan     2019-10-15
Samsung, along with group company Harman, released the \"world\'s largest\" Onyx cinema LED screen at the Swagath cinema in Bengaluru, and will now be renamed the Swagath Onyx theaterWith a 14-
The company claims it is the world\'s largest LED screen format for Onyx cinema.
On a global scale, there are only two other 14-
Samsung\'s M Onyx cinema LED screen installed so far--
In Malaysia and China.
Samsung claims that with HDR support, the screen is able to provide real colors with greater vitality and accuracy, as well as contrast, higher brightness and perspective that are not affected by ambient light;
Eliminate optical distortion and interference.
The latest Onyx cinema LED screen comes with a range of solutions including Onyx View, Onyx 3D, and Onyx Sound.
The sound system of the Swagath Onyx Theatre Theater consists of Onyx sound, which contains products of the Harman Family brand, including Crown amplifier, BSS signal processing and speakers of JBL Professional and engraving
The system consists of six jbl am 7315 screen array speakers, four JBL 9300 cinema surround speakers, eighteen JBL 9350 four jbl scs 12 high impact cinema surround speakers, and six JBL AC28/26 used the bottom of the balcony area is filled, 9 JBL 5628 double 18 \"movie theater subwoofer.
The BSS network audio system provides processing, and the entire system is powered by 31 Crown DSi amplifiers.
\"Samsung is the only brand that provides terminal services. to-
End the movie experience, from the stunning visuals of the LED screen through the Onyx cinema to the amazing sounds of Haman\'s JBL Professional.
The Onyx theater, led by the Swagath Onyx theater in Bengaluru, will bring revolutionary movie viewing experiences to the city and to film lovers throughout India.
This is an extraordinary milestone for Indian films and a witness to our consumers.
A central approach, \"said Puneet Sethi, vice president of consumer electronics business in Samsung India.
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