samsung installs onyx cinema led screen in mumbai

by:Haojingyuan     2019-10-23
Samsung installed its patented Onyx cinema LED screen at an INOX Leisure theater in Mumbai.
This is the second such large screen installed in India, and the first one was installed in the PVR Cinema in Delhi in August.
Although Samsung and INOX declined to disclose the exact price of the screen, the price was between $500,000 and $700,000 (more ₹5 crore)
Per installation according to the source.
On 2017, the LED screen of Onyx cinema made its debut in South Korea.
So far, cinemas around the world have installed 26 such screens, including two in India.
\"Onyx is another revolutionary innovation for Samsung that will change the way we watch movies, marking a new chapter in the history of cinema. The 100-year-
The old projection technology will be the past, \"said Puneet Sethi.
President of Samsung India consumer electronics business.
\"One of the advantages of the Onyx Cinema LED is that it maintains excellent image quality even under ambient lighting conditions.
As a result, multiple business models can be built around these screens to get a return on investment quickly, \"he added. Mr.
Sethi said that by the end of this year, Samsung will supply two more such screens in India. By the end of next year, it plans to sell a total of 15 to 20 such screens.
These are all imported from South Korea.
Speaking of the cinema at the INOX Malad Inorbit mall in the first scene of the installation, Mr. alock Tandon, chief executive officer, INOX Leisure Co. , Ltd.
\"We are committed to providing the best movie experience for our customers.
We work with Samsung to launch unique movie LED technology in Mumbai, which proves our commitment to them.
\"Technology and innovation are at the heart of INOX, and we continue to redefine the movie viewing experience by combining luxury with technology to show the audience the best experience,\" he said . \".
He said that the current goal is to provide a unique viewing experience for the film audience, but there is no decision to increase the fare.
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