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How to choose led display install method

How to choose led display install method


Indoor Display Screen Installation Method:

1) Mounting (wall mounting) is suitable for display screens under 10 square meters. The requirement of the wall is that there are concrete beams in the solid wall or suspension. Hollow bricks or simple partitions are not suitable for this installation method.

2) Lifting: Applicable to the display screen under 10 square meters, this installation method must have suitable installation location, such as the upper cross beam or crossbeam. And the screen generally needs a back cover.

3)Seat mounting: removable seat mounting: refers to the stand processed separately. Located on the ground, can move. Fixed seat: refers to the fixed seat frame connected with the ground or wall.


Outdoor Display Screen Installation Method:

1) Column type

2) Mosaic

3) The general installation method of roof type is fixing screw on the wall, fixing frame, installing screen in frame, connecting power cord, arranging wire, lighting debugging, you can.

So for an outdoor screen, just notice three things.

First, waterproof, of course, outdoor box can be done.

Second, windproof, the bigger the screen, the stronger the steel structure, and the stricter the requirements.

Thirdly, earthquake prevention, that is, it can resist several magnitude earthquakes. Strictly speaking, channel steel must be used to make mouth shape, fixed around with angle iron, and drilled screw holes. Aluminum-plastic panels are used to decorate the sound on both sides. Square pipes are also used as shelves inside.


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