How many new products are launched under branded ?
New product launch is one of the most important factors that keep a company competitive in the market. Over the years, our R&D professionals have been studying intensively the industry dynamics, developing new product characteristics, and working out different series of up-to-date products like outdoor fixed led display . Thanks to their hard work, we are successful in developing new products and earn a leading position in the market. Moreover, we have attracted many new customers from different industries and obtained a larger customer base, thereby spreading our brand awareness.

Shenzhen Shenzhen Haojingyuan Optoelectronic Co.,Ltd Co., Ltd is a leading producer of mobile truck led display in the domestic market. We offer products that most peers can not compete. The Fixed led display series is available in a wide range of types and specifications. The main tests are carried out when testing Haojingyuan gym led display board. These tests include adhesion tests, color fastness tests, assembly tests, and adhesion tests for signs and labels. The delicate and compact design allows it easy to install. The product has received much attention since its launch and is considered to be more successful in the future market. Featuring high definition, the product provides great image quality.

Sustainability and corporate social responsibility initiatives are going to be implemented strictly by the company in the coming years. By improving the operation ways and production process, we plan to lower the cost of operation and benefit the society by using fewer resources. Inquire online!
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